The Law Enforcement Issue Group works together with members of the police and sheriff's offices to offer a variety of resources. One resource is the Books to Badges Scholarship set up to offer financial and and support to those seeking a career in law enforcment. 

The Dialogue on Race has updated and distributed an African American Directory listing a variety of nonprofits and businesses owned and operated or created by and for African Americans. Our intent is to update this document on a regular basis. You can download a PDF version by clicking the button.  Feel free to send us updates or edits that should be included. Thank you for your support of this living document. 

LWVMCVA- League of Women Voters of  Montgomery County, Va.

SURJ - Showing Up For Racial Justice

Links  - Expanding the Work We Do through Collaboration

Articles and Tools 

Here are articles or other resources that might be valuable if you are interested in learning more about the underlying issues.

  • Responding to Charlottesville

  • New Yorker "The Aftermath of Police Shootings" 30 Jan 15

  • Article on White Privilege by Peggy McIntosh

  • Explaining White Privilege (Occupy Wall Street)

  • The SPLC Hate Map