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Dr. Wornie Reed on Critical Race Theory

Equity and justice in our community and local schools

Dialogue on Race Responds to
Montgomery County Board of Supervisors' Legistlative Priorities

Thursday, October 6, 2021

We, the Dialogue on Race of Montgomery County VA, sponsored by The Community Group, are committed to issues of equity and justice in our community including any matters that affect our local schools and students. Therefore we do not support the proposed Montgomery County Board of Supervisors legislative priority that includes providing school vouchers or tax credits to public school students who plan to switch to private or home schools. We ask that this item be removed from the board’s draft of its legislative priorities which is to be forwarded to our legislators.

Our concerns include:

  1. Cuts from our public school funding that will decrease much-needed resources in our schools that impact our students such as increasing class sizes and providing fewer support-staff positions. The continuous need to update technology, buy replacement buses and improve our school buildings cannot be overlooked.

  2. The lack of financial accountability for private schools that are not required to report how money is spent. Tax dollars need to be accounted for.

  3. Inequity of admission to African American students and other students of color and identities to private schools will create a social issue that impacts many in our community. Students with disabilities who require more expensive support services could be denied admission as another example of possible exclusion.


In summary, we should not be providing state funds to schools that aren’t held to the same standards as public schools and don’t provide transparency regarding what is taught or students’ achievement levels. We ask that the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors remove the legislative priority concerning school vouchers and tax credits. The citizens of Montgomery County deserve better than this.


The Dialogue on Race’s mission is to create a forum that examines racial issues articulated by the African-American community in Montgomery County, VA, and then develops and implements solutions.


Our first Dialogue on Race event aimed at improving race relations.  It was the result of years of hard work and grassroots energy.


Read more about our history by clicking here.

Issue Groups

We have five issue groups:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Jim Crow and White Privilege

  • Education

  • Employment & Income Gap

  • Limited Presence