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2022 Dialogue on Race Winter Summit

If you truly believe the spirit of the statement below, then please click to read what our governor has ordered and then you decide if Virginia education is shaping lives in the way we need. (Spoiler alert: We think this is a huge step back.)

"The future of the Commonwealth of Virginia is chiefly dependent on the education of our children. Education has life-shaping power..."

Source: Gov. Glen Youngkin, Executive Orders
How to speak at School Board meeting
Constructing an MCPS Equity Message
Equity Definition - Graphic
Submit a Letter to the Editor
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Scared of equity

in education?

Then ban it. Outlaw it. Create a way for people to spy on and report those who give any hint of non-compliance. 

What can YOU do?!

A message from Martha Ann Stallings, Chair Education Issue Group

1) Educate yourselves by reading the resources shared here. Let any advocacy subcommittee member know if you have any questions. These resources are to inform you the best we can at this time.


2) Sign up to speak at future school board meetings (April 26, May 3, May 17, June 7 and June 21). Materials on how to sign up can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon at left. Please call the school board office (540-382-5100) to confirm meeting location since they use to different locations.


3) Karen Eley Sanders and Andy Morikawa spoke at the last board meeting and set a wonderful example for the rest of us. (Watch 4/5 Equity Speakers link below at minute 39). As speakers you can represent a group if that is ok’d by your group or speak as individuals. I truly believe individuals speaking can be so impactful and if you are a present, past or future family member such as parent, grandparent, what a plus! LINKEquity Speakers 4/5/2022: Public Address begins minute 39


4) We caution our speakers not to get caught up in opposing speakers. Stick with your thoughts and comments. 


5) Please read the opinion page that was submitted by DOR and M-R-F NAACP Chapter education groups/committees to the Roanoke Times. We heard from a Department of Education colleague and friend, that the letter caught their attention and was posted in a newsletter. We also expect there to be some follow-up (opposing) letters to the editors regarding this piece. Feel free to send your own response as an individual to counteract those. See link to left of this column to submit a letter.


6) Roanoke Times offers a link on how to submit letters. Go to roanoke.com, click on menu and you will find the opinion category. There is a link to submitting a letter. Many of you have done this in the past. No more than 350 words and all your contact information is required. Let me know if you need more information. 

7) You most certainly can contact school board members. Their emails are also found in the “speaking” document. Penny’s best email is onlyonepenny@gmail.com.


Photo Credit: Roanoke Times


The Dialogue on Race’s mission is to create a forum that examines racial issues articulated by the African-American community in Montgomery County, VA, and then develops and implements solutions.


Our first Dialogue on Race event aimed at improving race relations.  It was the result of years of hard work and grassroots energy.


Read more about our history by clicking here.

Issue Groups

We have five issue groups:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Jim Crow and White Privilege

  • Education

  • Employment & Income Gap

  • Limited Presence